Sunday, March 31, 2013

Feeling like a Hipster

Holla sweethearts! :-) Who's excited for summer? Me!! Oh I can't wait to hit the beach and get some tan! And although I actually consider today as my last day of vacation (Yes I'll be attending summer classes and it will start in four days!), I won't let anything stop me from having fun under the sun! Okay someone please stop me before I go on rambling about how I want my summer to be like. Lol

In a few days I'll be back to school papers and accounting problems so I might as well post something while I still can. I spent my short vacation reading some books and making up for lost time with family and friends, that's why it took me this long to create a new post. Actually, the long list of outfit posts I have yet to blog are increasing in the same rate as the list of books I have to read and I still don't know what to do with that. Ugh, time. The worst enemy a person could ever have! But anyway, I'll find ways. Haha!

Dress - Next, Checkered button-down & Fringe boots - Thrifted

A-Fash had the hipster theme two weeks before our Finals as far as I can remember, which is perfect because: 1) Hipsters are fond of layering pieces that don't seem to match which gave me an excuse to not put much thought to my outfit and 2) They tend to wear flats such as boots, combat boots, Converse, etc. thus I can still move from place to place without sacrificing style. 
Ooh I can get used to being a hipster! Hee *u*

Necklace used as bando - Random Shop in Baguio, DIY Arm Candies

I love how boots like this can instantly glam up an outfit. Perfect for lazy days! 

Bag - Thrifted
Photography by Jamie Lou Borile

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