Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never Too Late for Summer

There's only a half month to go before we officially say goodbye to the summer season but hey, it's never too late to go to the beach and have the time of your life. Personally, my summer break had just started last weekend since as you may already know, I had summer classes. I've been away from the social media for more than a week just so I can focus on studying for my final exams and the qualifying exams for Accountancy students. And now that I'm back, I'm making the most out of it! :)

To get rid of the stress school had always brought, I went swimming with my favorite girls last Saturday at Macagang Business Center Hotel & Resort. We've been planning about it since the start of the vacation but weren't able to do so because of our own busy schedules. But finally, here we are together again letting the good times roll even if we weren't complete. (Kate, Mae & Ian, see you next time! :D)

It feels so good to catch up with these people. I won't forget the girl talk we had by the pool, I can't even imagine we would have that kind of conversation! I guess that just proves how mature we've all become from those good girls we all are way back from high school. And if it isn't enough proof, look at the pictures! Hahaha!

Anyway, here's what I wore before I dived into the pool. :)

Ladies Hat - SM Accessories, Floral Top - LCC Mall, Shorts - Thrifted, Flip-Flops - Havaianas

We took these pictures an hour before noon and so the heat was really unbearable. But big thanks to my gorgeous girl friends Malen, Charm and Alaiza, I've got something to blog about! Hihi ;D

My top in back view
Aztec Corset, Koreana Shop
All photos are from Malen Barandon.

Hype this look here.

Keep in mind that summer isn't just about luxurious vacations. What matters more is the company you have and the wonderful memories you make. You can enjoy the season even without spending a single cent if you are with the people who makes you happy. And, don't forget to have your much-needed me-time! In my case, I am so looking forward to pore through the pages of my beloved books and watch some korean dramas! Hee *u*

P.S. Make the most out of the remaining summer! Much love! :">


  1. This would be the first time that I see you baring skin! Sexy but still classy <3 x

    Sam of http://theclothesfreak.blogspot.com/


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