Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweet Girl on Edge

"A modern teenager should know how to be adventurous and poised at the same time."

As my second theme for the photoshoot with Kawaii: Photo and Printing Services, I opted for an edgy look which is not actually my first choice. I originally wanted to wear something neon. But since I didn't have the right shoes to match what's supposed to be my outfit for the neon theme (and I haven't found any in thrift stores), I settled for this look instead. 


Out of the few photoshoots I already had, this is by far one of my favorites since it is a first time for me. I really thought this look will be a failure because edgy fashion is not really my style. What you'd usually see me wearing is something that's girly or pacute but never anything like this. But thankfully, I managed to pull it off!

I guess one factor which made this photoshoot a success is the Kawaii team itself. Throughout the shoot they helped me and the other models on what pose is good and what is not and how to project properly at the camera.

Even if I was reluctant at first to try this look, I never regret choosing this theme because it all turned out right. I so love the result of this little adventure and the experience I had along with it! :)

If you want photoshoots like this, feel free to contact Kawaii: Photo and Printing Services in their facebook account. Go visit their page now! :)
So, did you like this look? Likes and comments are much appreciated! :">

Editors: Topsy AlanoAnkutz Meow Britanico, and Maurice Sergs Bigay

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