Monday, October 15, 2012

Everything Kawaii :">

Hooray to sem break and another blog post! I'm actually feeling pretty excited for the coming days not just because I now have ample time to read books, but also because of the upcoming activities of A-Fash! *u* Of course, I can't tell you about that yet but you'll find out really soon! :)
For now, I'll be sharing with you guys another thing that had kept me buzzing with excitement. That is, the photoshoot I had with Kawaii: Photo and Printing Services.  It's my sister and her friends' soon-to-open business which offers photo and printing services such as Rush IDs, Creative Shots, Invitations, Programmes and Certificates, Personalized Backdrop, and Photo and Video Coverage. 
So here you go! :)


We actually had three themes for the photoshoot: Bohemian and Kawaii for the group shots and Edgy for my individual shots. Yes, I am with other gorgeous ladies! I'll post the group photos as soon as I can. :)

My sincere apologies for my awful smile. I was actually in my pissed-at-the-world moment when these photos were taken. 



Oversized sweatshirt turned into dress + cutiepatootie earmuffs = Very Koreana lang ang peg! *u* To be honest, it's my dream to wear outfits like this everyday. Lol. And I swear when I wore this ensemble, I can almost hear Super Junior and SNSD's Seoul Song playing in the background! :">

Oversized sweatshirt, Oxfords, Earmuffs - Thrifted | Colored Socks, SM

How are you guys doing? I'd love to hear from you! I'll post more from this photoshoot soon so keep updated! 

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