Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Bring the Boys Out

Finally, a new blog post! I've been really busy lately due to some stuff like watching Meteor Garden again (I'm weird, I know lol) and daydreaming. Yes I've been very productive indeed! Hahaha.
Anyway, here's another photoshoot with A-Fash! :"> It was our second time to have a theme. The first one was Bohemian but I wasn't around and this week, it was Vintage. 
From L-R: Me, Lhea, Ching, Jamie, Annika, Danica, Didi & Joyce, Abby

I'm not sure if my outfit gave justice to our theme but I guess it was perfect because I've been dying to wear this for weeks yet haven't found the right occasion to. :D

/awkward smile lol

What do you think of my outfit? I actually got a lot of funny comments with this one. A classmate told me that my blouse's really cute and I look like a Sto. NiƱo. And I was like, "Thanks. But, is that an insult or what?" Hahaha. Another friend teased me about having a dance performance while there was also one who told me I look like I'm attending a first holy communion. Lol. Annnndd, my very own dad said I look like I'm still in grade school! Wow thanks Dad for being so supportive! Hahaha. But rather than being offended, these comments really made me laugh hard! :))

Blouse & Lace skirt - thrifted, Belt - SM accessories, Ring - mom's
I'll tell you a little secret: This lovely satchel bag only costs me (or rather, my mom :D) 180 pesos! A lot of thanks to whoever invented thrift shops! *u*

Another thing which caught people's attention - my oxfords + colorful socks combination. Because I was a bit late for the shoot, I had to walk alone to where they are and I swear the whole time I thought people were laughing secretly at me. Haha. I'm such a paranoid! And oh, I wore a pair of flats the whole day and only changed into these in time for the shoot. :)

Hey, have you heard the song The Boys by Girl's Generation? I know it's old but it always make me want to dance every time I hear it nevertheless. Just saying :D I'm actually listening to it right now and yes that's where I got this blog post's title. :)

Stay sweet and safe, you guys! :">
P.S. Photos taken and post-processed by Frances Joyce Vasquez :)

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