Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fresh Beginnings

I'm baaaaacccck! I hope it's not too late to greet you all a Happy 2014! I'm starting fresh this year by sharing with you some snapshots on how I celebrated the New Year's Eve with my family rather than the usual outfit post. Plus I'm also sharing with you my resolutions and goals for the new year, if you don't mind. :")

1. Prioritize studies. I'm turning 20 this year and I'm not getting any younger. That means I have to think about the future already and start working hard for my dreams. I often complain about how stressful it is to be an Accountancy student, how unfair it is when friends can casually stroll in a mall or go out at night while I'm stuck in the library or at home studying. But I realize now that dreams and sacrifices comes hand in hand. And as one of the basic lessons I learned in Accounting, every benefit has its cost!

2. Improve as a blogger. I've been a really lazy blogger in the latter part of last year (my last blog post was even from way back July!) and a really lazy A-Fash member, too. Although blogging usually needs a handful of effort and time, I actually miss everything about it. I miss having our weekly shoots, post-processing photos, and just drafting a blog post. Of course, I miss my A-Fash fam! Hihi *u* I swear I'll try my best to join the shoots again~ And I'd also like my style to evolve this year. 

3. Socialize more. I've gained a lot of new friends last year which I am really thankful for. This year I want to have an even larger circle and strengthen old ties because more really is merrier!

4. Read more books. I actually have a list of books I'm planning to read this year. Ah I just can't deprive myself of the simple pleasure of reading! *u*

5. Enjoy the little things. Be it watching Korean dramas the entire day, fangirling over Kim Jongin, dancing and singing my heart out to my fave KPop songs, or just being able to sleep an extra hour on a school day 

6. Spend less on unnecessary things. I've been an impulsive buyer lately and it surprises me since I'm a proudly kuripot person ever since haha! One of my top priorities this 2014 is to save up so that when something good comes along, I have spare cash to spend for it (like EXO's Solo Concert! Heeee I wish~).

7. Finish writing a story! Honestly, this had been on my list since I don't remember when! Haha. I don't even know if I'll accomplish this at the end of the year but whatever I feel like including it anyway lol~

8. Give my best on everything so I won't have to repeat the process. I've learned the hard way and I sure don't want to make the same mistakes again!

9. Either do something about my imperfections or embrace them.

10. As what my favorite Law professor told us, "There is no better time to start than right now." I'll try to do everything according to plans and not procrastinate from now on.

There goes my resolutions for the new year. What's yours? :)

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  1. Cutie midriff top! Looking forward to seeing you on our weekly shoots again! Hihi :>

    xx, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie


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